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The NFOL website is migrating to a new network and will be down starting Friday, June 24th 2022 1600 EST and will be back up before the morning of Monday, June 27th 2022.
Attention all NFOL customers: The NFOL system for the ordering of physical forms has been migrated to Joint Forms Online located at https://dso.dla.mil. Instructions for using the new site are located here. Milstrip will no longer be accepted for purchasing orders. Users will need to have a GPC or line of accounting to order forms. DD 2542, the Certificates of Appreciation signed by President Biden, are in stock and available for purchase on the new site. The NFOL website will remain operational for the download of digital forms.
Active digital Secretary of the Navy (SECNAV) forms are available for search and download on the Department of the Navy Issuances website: https://www.secnav.navy.mil/doni/default.aspx under the SECNAV Forms Tab. Active SECNAV forms that are stocked at the Defense Logistics Agency warehouse may be purchased from the Data Services Online website: https://dso.dla.mil/.
DD 1898 is no longer available through NFOL. For this item, please send your request to dd1898-forms.docsvcs@dla.mil. Please include your name, address, unit supporting, quantity of packages requesting (Restricted QTY 20 packages containing 250 each).
Our primary mission is to support the Warfighter. In this time of uncertainty related to COVID-19, it is anticipated there will be disruptions related to the processing, shipment and delivery of some NFOL orders. Current delays in shipment are 2-3 weeks. We will work closely with industry partners to minimize any disruptions. DLA and NAVY Forms customer support representatives will remain available to assist all customers with any questions or concurs regarding their product orders. DLA CSC agents can be reached either by phone or email at 866.736.7010 or j67dcsc@dla.mil We thank you for your patience during this time.
Both the digital forms and warehouse items which were previously available on NFOL are available for search, download, or purchase from the following site:

If you need assistance please contact the Forms helpdesk: We apologize for the inconvenience.

Users looking for the Department of Navy Issuances website, please use https://www.secnav.navy.mil/doni/default.aspx


Registration The Registration process allows new Government customers to create an account within the the Forms On-line system in order to purchase warehouse stock. Please note this feature is only available to Government personnel who have a valid DODAAC (UIC).  The individual customer account provides capabilities for optional payment methods such as Fund Code or Credit Cards and a one time registration of the customer related information. All users are strongly urged to review the FAQ section prior to submitting orders.
Order Forms This feature allows customers to search the warehouse by Title , Stock Number or Form Number. Search results can then be picked, placed in a virtual shopping cart, and taken to Check Out for purchase. A working knowledge of MILSTRIP ordering procedures is strongly recommended, since this is based on MILSTRIP supply requisitioning.
Order Status This feature enables Government and and authorized government contract users to review the status of their orders for Forms. The status is provided for orders placed through this website or through the MILSTRIP process. The Order Status process requires Government users to provide either their user ID and password or a single MILSTRIP Requisition. Commerical users are required to provide their Order ID and Access Code in order to obtain the status.
User Profile This feature allows Government users to change their Forms On-line account information. Users are encouraged to maintain accurate and current credit information, as well as change their initial assigned password as soon as possible.
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