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   Frequently Asked Questions
  Q. During the ordering process, what do I do if have a question about a specific screen, text field or button?
A. We have created "Help" contents at every step of the on-line ordering process and we are continously expanding the help content to better assist you in this process. Simply select the "HELP" button on any screen for detailed assistance with your order.
  Q. Why are some forms in digital format, and others only available from the warehouse?
A. The first thing DLA Information Operations did when we took over responsibility for the COG 1I Forms Program was to identify and convert every form in the inventory that could be digitized. Our goal was to provide Internet access to as many forms as possible in digital format, free to our customers. Various criteria made conversion impossible for many of the forms in the inventory, however. These criteria included oversized document sizes, unique bindery requirements, or unique material requirements.
  Q. When ordering forms and subscriptions, how do I change the ordering information for items already in my shopping cart?
A. Use the gray "Update Cart" button and enter your new information in the active fields.
  Q. How do I go back to add new forms or subscription items to my shopping cart?
A. Use the blue "Order More" button to return to the Item List screen, and add your new items to your shopping cart.
  Q. How can I tell what the delivery schedule will be for my subscription order?
A. Use the handy blue Subscription Cycle Bar located in the bottom screen frame. The months of delivery for your selected subscription item will be highlighted when you position your cursor over the "Cycle" field of your order item.
  Q. Why do I have to provide MILSTRIP information to process my government order on the Web? Why is MILSTRIP ordering information required for my credit card order?
A. A large percentage of Government customers still do not have easy Internet access. For this reason, the traditional MILSTRIP ordering process is still in place to accept orders. We have automated and streamlined the process wherever possible for our Web customers, but until we can all safely say we are Web-capable, MILSTRIP ordering procedures will remain.
  Q. Will I be refunded for cancelled orders?
A. Once an order is processed and "in the system" refunds will not be issued. In the case of subscriptions, delivery of cancelled items can be stopped, but refunds for the balance of undelivered items will not be issued.
  Q. How fast will my on-line forms order be filled?
A. In the case of in-stock warehouse forms, our DLA warehouse staff strives to achieve 12-hour turnarounds for high-priority orders, and 24-hour turnarounds for all other orders. If you are downloading digital forms, delivery to your local hard drive or printer is as fast as your Internet Service Provider and modem.
  Q. I am moving to a new Unit Identification Code (UIC). Do I need to re-register to create a new account with the COG 1I Forms Online system?
A. Yes, you do need to re-register when you move to a new command/activity/unit that has a new UIC/DODAAC. Re-registering will insure that the correct UIC gets billed, and your order is sent to the correct address.
  Q. I want to save specific field data to a database or word processing file on my PC. Can I capture field information from the web-screens?
A. Yes, you can save individual test field data using standard Select-Cut & Paste procedures. Highlight the specific text field you want by click-dragging your cursor over the text, choose "Cut" from the Edit menu, then open your destination file and choose "Paste" from that file's Edit menu.
  Q. I have noticed two check boxes on my order screen that let me select all subscription items. Do I have to check both boxes to place an order for all of the items listed?
A. No, you only have to choose one. Two selection boxes were created, one at the top of the screen and another at the bottom, as a convenience for those customers with small monitors who normally would not see information at the bottom of the screen without having to scroll down. During the web site design process, we took great pains to design user-friendly screens, particularly for customers with smaller monitors.
    Required Special Fonts

Some of the digital forms that are offered on Forms Online web site require special fonts to be installed on the user's PC in order to view them. We apologize for this inconvenience, but some PDF files were created using a font that was particular to the machine that it was created on. For majority of the users, this will not be a problem.

Please contatct the webmaster if you continue to have problems with viewing PDF image files. Please include the name of the digital document in your comments.

Download Fonts (363K)
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