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    System General Overview

Naval Inventory Control Point (NAVICP), Philadelphia has been traditionally responsible for the management of the Naval Unique Batch System (NUBS). The primary mission of NUBS is the indexing and maintenance of a large inventory of paper-based forms. Under the JCALS initiative, functional components of the NUBS system have been targeted for redesign and integration with other supply systems. NAVICP, Philadelphia has determined that the Forms management function of NUBS is non-core to its mission. Management responsibility for Forms has been transferred from NAVICP, Philadelphia to the DLA Information Operations, Philadelphia.

  Required Special Fonts

Some of the digital forms that are offered on Forms Online web site require special fonts to be installed on the user's PC in order to view them. We apologize for this inconvenience, but some PDF files were created using a font that was particular to the machine that it was created on. For majority of the users, this will not be a problem.

Please contatct the webmaster if you continue to have problems with viewing PDF image files. Please include the name of the digital document in your comments.

Download Fonts (363K)

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